Tearaway Unfolded Art Contest Results and Mini-Interview!

Yes, for those who don’t know, the results are in for the Tearaway Unfolded Art Contest! You can check them out on Sackinima Forums here, posted back on November 21st. Thanks again to those who entered the competition, and you can view the three winning entries below (just click them to expand) alongside all of the spiffy art submitted in the thread or montage video I set up above.

Also worth nothing is that part of the prizes I had offered for this contest included a mini-interview for the winner and each runner up. Since Dumptyyy kindly declined the prizes offered and Jakeinator hasn’t gotten back to me yet on the mini-interview option for him, I decided to go ahead and post the one conducted with TheAliklumKnight since we had finished that a while ago. Here it is. 🙂

1. Hey there Aliklum, and first off congrats on your placement for the competition! You submitted a very nice and colorful Tearaway-themed poster here for sure, with several cool characters and locales included in both the foreground as well as in the background. I’m curious though, how was your experience with creating the entry basically?

Thanks Drago, it was a really fun contest to enter! I tossed a couple of ideas around when trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I kept coming back to a poster so I went with that. I didn’t even originally plan for it to be as big as it was. I was just gonna use computer paper,but I thought I should get something a bit bigger.

As far as prior experience go,well I helped my class in school win our homecoming door so I think that certainly helped with what would make a fun poster! I will admit though,I don’t think I quite prepared myself as well as I would have liked. I ended up killing three of my markers,Ahaha.

By TheAliklumKnight

2. Well, I thought the poster turned out great, and I’m sure those three markers of yours are in a better (and more fluorescent) place now. What were your thoughts regarding the other entries for the art contest by the way? Any details that stood out for any of these pieces in particular perhaps?

Thanks,I’m glad you liked it! As for the other entries, to say I was impressed isn’t doing justice. Such cool stuff,ranging from the style to the way they handled colors and textures.It looked like something Iota and Atoi would adore!

By @Jakeinator123

3. Like hopping back into their own world practically! How was your time guiding your Messenger through the papery lands of Tearaway and/or Tearaway Unfolded?

I laughed, I cried, it was a rollercoaster of a journey. While my current account doesn’t show it, I went through and platinumed Tearaway. The art style was great, the characters even more so. Never has a pair of silent protagonists spoken quite so loud as the dynamic duo did to me!

By @Dumptyyy

4. Nicely put. Well, thank you for answering these here interview questions Aliklum, and are there any remaining comments you’d like to leave regarding the entries for the contest or the game Tearaway itself?

Mostly,just to say thanks for hosting this contest and to everyone that entered.I enjoyed seeing everyone’s different styles and working on the project itself!

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