LBP Community Rewind: Episode 11

Community Rewind Fixed

Redo? Recap? Restart? No, no, it’s Rewind! As in another episode of LBP Community Rewind, with one more feature to go after this one to cap off 2015! As usual, we’re looking back over recent LBP-based community happenings had across Twitter and the different fansites over the past month (and then some), including levels posted, projects shared or updated, contests being hosted, etc.

Want to see recent content of yours or someone else’s showcased in an episode of Rewind? Just be sure to send it over to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account or in one of any of the threads for the series on Sackinima Forums, LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigForum, LBPCentral, and LittleBigPlanetarium. Signups for a Rewind team also remain open to those interested. 🙂

Thanks for finding content from LittleBigForum for me again, CuriousSack! Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– The LBN Seasonal Shenanigans Crown Contest has been announced! Create a level (may it be a platformer/movie/etc.) where Santa needs your help so you can save Christmas! The winner will receive a Rare Prize Crown, an LBN Pin, and a PlayStation game of their choosing.
Seasonal Shennanigans


Operation: Deep Freeze (Part 1) by shookie99:
Operation Deep Freeze (Part 1)

The Community Advent Calendar 2015 by Tomsnodgrass:
The Community Advent Calendar 2015

The Hulk – Desert Mayhem by MadPropz101

Beneath the Floorboards by OscarBentley
Beneath the Floorboards

Pollution Man – LBP3 Adventure by Gionator
Pollution Man - LBP3 Adventure

Planetary Fracture 2 by dakrrs
Planetary Fracture 2

Fallout LBP: Episode 1 by ramikibainu
Fallout lbp Episode 1

Lost in the Darkness by t567-
Lost in the Darkness

Dragons Ridge – Platformer by Littlebiglazer28
Dragons Ridge - Platformer

Path of the spAce by Hicksylon
Path of the spAce

Paralyzed isles (platformer) by Kip_paard_koe
Paralyzed isles (platformer)

Doctor Who – DALEKs (classic) by NobodyVII
Doctor Who - DALEKs (Classic)


Untitled 2D/3D Project by rresend
Untitled 2D 3D Project

Rising Fire RPG by venat
Rising Fire RPG

– The Great Scorebubble of the Ancient Sackthings by James-p
The Great Scorebubble of the Ancient Sackthings

– LittleBigPlanet Christmas Countdown 2015 (Recruitment Thread) by yugnar

– 3D adventure [idea and create level] by mdkd99

Untitled Desert-y Project by @ConfusedSamuel
Untitled Desert Project

Christmas Level Project by @glitchfish

Sunlight Overexposure Project by @RV2013_LBP
Sunlight Overexposure Project

PARADOX by @scarybiscuitlbp

Ratchet and Clank Project by @LBPlombax7
Ratchet and Clank Project

NINJA CAT Reboot by multiple people (including @j_creative528)

DVLC2-related Project by @xxMATEOSxx
DVLC2 Project


Community Art:

Ray Toggle by @hallm3lbp
Ray Toggle

Sweater Party by @AntiLBPFan
Sweater Party

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