LBP Community Rewind: Episode 12

Community Rewind Fixed

The date is here, the content has been gathered, and so it’s time to share what some of you gadders have been cooking up recently with Episode 12 of Community Rewind!

If you’d like to see you or someone else’s current contributions in an upcoming episode of this series, then feel free to share it with the @SackinimaForums Twitter account or in any of the following threads on Sackinima Forums, LittleBigForum, LBPCentral, LittleBigNetwork, and LittleBigPlanetarium. Thanks to AL2009man for his content contribution here via the Sackinima Forums discussion, and as another year quickly approaches for us all, I’d just like to thank everyone out there who’s helped keep the LBP community thriving. Here’s to an exciting 2016 for the Imagisphere!

Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– The LBN Seasonal Shenanigans Crown Contest continues, as the window to publish entries (between December 18th and January 3rd) opened up and will soon be wrapped up! Happy Holidays, and good luck to those who enter the Santa-helping competition!
Seasonal Shennanigans


The 10ish JUMPS of Christmas by Pulparindo15:

The Strange Life of Billy by greensmurfy:
The Strange Life of Billy

Adventures in Paperland 2: Cardboard Command by Indomitus1973:
Adventures in Paperland 2 - Cardboard Command

Big Boy Pants – LBP2 (Intro) by JL – wopdido:
Big Boy Pants - LBP2 (Intro)

Evolution by mirjanneke:

Troll Landia 4 by Littlebiglazer28:
Troll Landia 4

A quest for acorns – Platformer by hm83:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 by ramkibainu:
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Sort the Presents! by LouisPovGamer:
Sort the Presents!

– Space Diversity ´1 player only´ by HellYeah1982:
Space Diversity ´1 player only´

Decoration Mishap by @glitchfish:

– (LBN Seasonal Shenanigans) Christmas In Wonderland by ILoveI6v6I:
(LBN Seasonal Shenanigans) Christmas in Wonderland

Codename: White Snow (Platformer) by Fox Stevenson:
Codename - White Snow (Platformer)

Purple Passageway by anoken:
Purple Passageway

DOCTOR WHO - Prehistoric Ood

Water Station (Platformer) by Kip_paard_koe:
Water Station (Platformer)

Siege on Sackulese by StJimmysAdiction:
Sackulese 3

Starfighter 319 by one-mad-bunny:
Starfighter 319


LBP3 Motion Ball Project by AL2009man

Musicsequencer Project by CuriousSack
Musicsequencer Project Started!

Rising Fire RPG by venat
Rising Fire RPG

Missing Shoelace: Helpers Needed by Hamster_fluff
Missing Shoelace

RPG-Platformer: The Power of TILT by koltonaugust

Sunlight Overexposure Project by @RV2013_LBP
Sunlight Overexposure Project

Battle with Zombies – Sandstorm [TopDown Shooter] by mdkd
Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm [TopDown Shooter]

Paradox by @scarybiscuitlbp

Intuitive Reflex/Speed Survival (name is to come) by amiel445566
Intuitive Reflex Speed Survival

Cybernetic Force Volume 2 by @JustinArt87
Cybernetic Force Volume 2

Space Shooter Project by spiderdian-home
Space Shooter Project

WIP Blue Platformer by @z1091990
WIP Blue Platformer

Test Vault Project by @Smartygamerlbp


Community Art:

Ho! Ho! Ho! by @j_creative528
Ho! Ho! Ho!

¡Calavera! by @GlitchMaster7

Gingerbread Cookies by @AntiLBPFan
Gingerbread Cookies

World of LBP Anniversary Art by @osarusaru_LBP
World of LBP Anniversary Art

I <3 LBP by by @osarusaru_LBP
I Love LBP

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