Team Picks for December Recap

Team Picks Added Image

2016, here we come! As this passing year draws to a close, let us reflect on the batch of lovely levels that were Team Picked during the month of December. Thanks to SakuraLBP, LittleBigPlanet Show, Default Couch, LittleBigPlaye, Verbal83, and ARD for their recordings of Team Picks that are shared below.

2061 REincarnatiON – Platformer by xxAlexInLbpxx

LittleBlockPlanet [A Platformer!] by FoxInSox11

The Fallen V.1.03 by blockbuster95

Evolution (Language warning for video) by mirjanneke

Lost in the Darkness by t567y-

The 12th Doctor TARDIS Interior Giveaway by Verbal83

Faster Chef (1player). by abood-12

Super Block Drop Ultra Edition by Layton9677

Solo Co-op 3 by MrMik68

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