Happy New Year! – Plans for the Site Blog in 2016


Yes, the new year has just begun, and so we have moved forward into 2016! Hooray! At least, hooray from me. It’s a decent chance to start fresh and mix things up, even though any time of the year is a decent chance to do just that as well. But anywho, I’ve been contributing to the good old Sackinima Blog ever since Ard granted me powers here back in late April of last year, and it’s been great to be able help keep things moving for this part of the site.

But life is limited and busy, and it’s hard to gauge how much attention the blog has been receiving in the first place. So, to kick off 2016, I wanted to inform you all about my admittedly less active plans moving forward for the Sackinima Blog (not factoring in any potential posts from other people here with blogging abilities).

iota and atoi

LBP/Tearaway/Dreams News will definitely continue to be highlighted here on the main website in some way, although I’m not quite sure with how much depth or frequency that’ll be. Whatever the case though, with a beta on the way for Dreams and who knows what for the lovely worlds of LBP3 and Tearaway Unfolded, I’m sure there will be a fair share that can be covered for the web of Media Molecule-related games this year.


Sackinima’s Best in Show, the forums’ monthly level showcasing series will keep receiving an accompanying blog post with each feature, while big Site Updates/Contests, which can be quite rare admittedly should still be shared via the blog as well.


Team Pick/Wendigo Wednesday Recaps will both go from occurring once every one month to once every two months now, with each recap looking back on what’s been showcased over those past couple of months. If you’d like to keep up with Team Picks and/or Wendigo Wednesdays more frequently though, then you can visit this page via lbp.me to see all the levels receiving the pink ribbons over time, check the Mm Blog for more features regarding the original Wendigo Wednesday features, and take a look at the following Youtube channels where I’ve found Team Pick recordings to share from: SakuraLBP, leftstickrightstick, LittleBigPlaye, EpicLBPTime, LittleBigPlanet Show, et al. (not to make them feel obligated to continue recording any of course, although I do appreciate the videos they’ve set up there)

Community Rewind Fixed

LBP Community Rewind continues for now with main episodes as well as a special episode or two in the works. As far as the next few features go, you can expect to see Episode 13 on January 18th, Episode 14 on February 8th, and Episode 15 on February 29th (while the special Crown Contest episode should appear somewhere between a week or two from now).

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