LBP Community Rewind: Episode 13 (Two Features Remain)

Community Rewind Fixed

Greetings folks, and welcome to another episode of LBP Community Rewind. As per usual, I’ve compiled some recently shared content by a variety of LBPers, which you can view down below. If you want to see recent LBP community contributions by you or someone else highlighted in an upcoming episode of Rewind, you can send it over to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account.

..Or in one of the several topics available for this series on Sackinima Forums, LBPCentral, LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigForum, and LittleBigPlanetarium. 🙂 Aside from the typical featuring here, this episode of Community Rewind does come with an important announcement, teased recently with entries for the series appearing less frequently, special episodes being introduced to help compensate, less active plans being discussed for the site blog, and the fact that a significant announcement was promised for Rewind last week.

Yes, while it is a shame to say this, LBP Community Rewind is coming to an end. After today’s feature, there will be Episode 14 on Monday, February 8th and Episode 15 on Monday, February 29th. Another special episode could potentially follow in March, and then I do believe I’ll be done with the recapping series. Not that I want to overshadow all of the great creations to be shared below though. Thanks to CuriousSack for helping gather together content from LittleBigForum and @As751_LBP along with @DaquaneWeaver for sending in their content contributions.

Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– The results have just been posted for the LBN Seasonal Shenanigans Crown Contest, with a winner, runner up, and more announced. Nice work, creators and judges!
Seasonal Shennanigans


LBN Seasonal Shenanigans – Santa’s Factory by SakuraLBPDragonX:
LBN Seasonal Shenanigans - Santa's Factory

Adventure Jump [Platformer] by @As751_LBP:
Adventure Jump

Vaned Bronze Characters Encyclopedia by @DaquaneWeaver:

Vermilia’s Roots by TheBobZombie:
Vermilia's Roots

Castle Defenders: ROME by Shaggy Vinci:
Castle Defenders - Rome

LBFMusic: Episode 11 by nerd_dog:
LBFMusic - Episode 11

Phantom Tower by @skydevilpalm:

[LBNSS] Papery Christmas by Gionator:
[LBNSS] - Papery Christmas

LBN Seasonal Shenanigans – Santa’s Daughter Revenge by ramkibainu:
LBNSS - Santa's Daughter Revenge

Ear and Eye Candy Gallery by tabycatmeow:
Ear and Eye Candy Gallery

Neon-Forest (Update) by Addictex:

MediEvil – LBP1 by ratchetruler:
MediEvil - LBP1

Santaklaas – Ragnarök Christmas (LBN Seasonal Shenanigans) by lordwarblade:
Santaklaas - Ragnarök Christmas - LBNSS

Sidescrolling Action by LouisPovGamer:
Sidescrolling Action

P.E.T Puzzle by Farmer_Freakeasy:
P.E.T Puzzle

( LBN Seasonal Shenanigans ) Frosty Christmas by TwisterKiller70:
(LBNSS) Frosty Christmas

VR-Maze 2.0 by Addictex:
VR-Maze 2.0


Musicsequencer Project by CuriousSack
Music Sequencer

Rising Fire RPG by venat
Rising Fire RPG

Western Project by Pan_Ziemniak
Western Project

Paradox by @scarybiscuitlbp

Hollows by mdkd

Sly Cooper Project by @KlawwTheClown

Untitled Car Parking Project by SR28
Untitled Car Parking Project

Wall or Nothing 2 by @Skullking266
Wall or Nothing 2

Legend of Zelduh by venat
Legend of Zelduh

Tank Project by @D_u_c_k_s_

Doctor Who Adventure by @leighb83
Doctor Who Adventure

Platforming Nature 2 by @MrSackboy32
Platforming Nature 2

Blue Panel Desert Platformer by @z1091990
Blue Panel Desert Platformer

10th Doctor TARDIS Project by @Conduit_Flux


Community Art:

– New World by @XTrophx
New World

Marlon Random’s Movie Scene by @PinkNinjaArts
Marlon Random Movie Scene

Media Molecule Fan Art by @OvyProductions
Media Molecule Fan Art

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