‘Knights and Bikes’ Kickstarter from LBP/Tearaway Developers Announced!

Foam Sword, a game studio from Rex Crowle (Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet) and Moo Yu (Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet) recently revealed the Kickstarter for a new game they’re planning to make, called Knights and Bikes! Starring two girls named Nessa and Demelza in a beautifully designed, co-op action adventure with knights, bikes, and far more in this Goonies/Earthbound-inspired quest.

You can view the pitch/trailer for Foam Sword’s first game in the video embedded above, and check out the Kickstarter page for Knights and Bikes right here, with plenty of details and cutesy gifs/images to go around. Daniel Pemberton and Kenny Young will also be helping out with the project (in the soundtrack/audio department I’d assume).

Knights and Bikes 1

Knights and Bikes 2

Best of luck on Knights and Bikes, Rex and Moo! It looks splendid for sure and the amount of work that’s already gone into it is incredible. Right now, nearly $50k US dollars have already been pledged for this game, after having been revealed just yesterday. 🙂

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