Dreams Showcased at a PlayStation Community Event!

Can’t get enough of Dreams, despite the ongoing set of streams? Ready for me to stop rhyming, no matter how great my timing…………. is? Oh, darn it. Well, you’re in luck to answer both questions then, as Dreams was recently showcased by Media Molecule at an exclusive PlayStation community event over in London.

You can read Jenny’s write-up of the whole thing here, and/or view footage of the event from Ard above as well as a great analysis by the folks at leftstickrightstick below. Yes indeed, fellow LBPers including Glitchfish and our very own ARDministrator dropped by, and were able to have their dreams come to life (MR. KEY!) thanks to plenty of in-game sculpting by both Maja and Jon from Mm.

Feel free to continue the discussion of Dreams over on the forums, in the game’s main thread which is now titled ‘Dreams General Chat.’

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