LBP Community Rewind: Episode 15 (FINAL)

Rewind Final

You know why you’re here. 😀

Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– Two new crown contests from LittleBigNetwork are here, in the form of Calling All Sack Heroes 2: RISE OF THE SACK VILLAINS! Be sure to get your most convincing evil laughter ready, whether you’re creating or playing for the chance to win a Rare Prize Crown and an exclusive LBN Pin!


Old Factory by Snakke_Rus:
Old Factory

Castle in the Gardens by Gionator-23:

Cursed 2 – Shrine of the Water Maiden by ramkibainu:
Cursed 2 - Shrine of the Water Maiden

THE OWL STORY by @Snake_Owl:

Dive in! [Photo Creator] by Vanellope77:
Dive in! [Photo Creator]

Tale of Block-Kingdom Continues by Dioxi:
Tale of Block Kingdom Continues

Martian Excavator by @dakrrs:
Martian Excavator

Deadpool Kills the LBP3 Universe! by EnochRoot:


Hoverboard In The City (Platformer) by m89091520-LBP:
Hoverboard In The City (Platformer)

The Elephant Temple by Em-te:

Crash Site (Platformer) 1 Player by Sharfik1995:
Crash Site (Platformer) 1 Player

The Logical Way by @mirjanneke:
The Logical Way

3D Rotation Camera Racing by @Snakke_Rus:
3D Rotation Camera Racing



Chrono Chrysalis by @Xyphas
Chrono Chrysalis

Western Project Thing by Pan_Ziemniak
Western Project Thing

Sacketeers Adventure: Chapter 2 by Glitchfish

Kendoor Kor by @ConfusedSamuel
Kendoor Kor

Fantastical Fables by @scarybiscuitlbp
Fantastical Fables

The Reitselai Dragons Play Rhythmic Hollow by Retsamehtmai

LittleBigArt Studio by @NoelJGillham

Project: Void by chronos453
Project Void

Pixel-y Project with a Boxing Glove Baddie by @MrSackboy32
Pixel-y Project with Boxing Glove Baddie

Jungle Escape by Scorpio1357
Jungle Escape

Depth of Terror by @Sharfovich
Depth of Terror

Quiz Time?! by @robinperez2001

Project Eight by @pirmaut
Project Eight

Orange Man Project by @evret84

Beyond LBP3 by @scarybiscuitlbp

Top Down Cavern Project by @giliaaan
Top-Down Level Project

The Star Festival by @ep16877

3D Stone-Filled Adventure by @Snakke_Rus
3D Stone-Filled Adventure


Community Art:

LittleBigPlanet Cake by @TheJsUser
LittleBigPlanet Cake

Sackboy Link by @Bat19Planet
Sackboy Link

Papercraft Goodies by @TheRealDJCHIMP
Papercraft Goodies

The Collector and Co. by @docpsn
The Collector and Co.

Sackboy by @AntiLBPFan

LBP3 Creator Curators by @DiamondDiancie1
LBP3 Creator Curators

Sackboy Smile by @scarybiscuit
Sackboy Smile

Pink Shoelaces by @hallm3lbp
Pink Shoelaces

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