Team Picks Recap for January/February

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Two months have passed, with a new Team Pick roundup now ready to go. Here’s a compilation of all the lovely levels that received the beautiful pink ribbon throughout January and February, with recordings courtesy of The LittleBigPlanet Show, LittleBigPlaye, leftstickrightstick, et al.

There were a few levels here that I couldn’t find videos for, and so instead I included pictures of them from (or in the case of the TARDIS Collection, a screenshot of its trailer). As for Climbing Sewer, it did look suspiciously similar to Snoki69’s Climbing Sewer (judging by the page), so I went with a video I did for that level a while back.


Paralyzed isles (platformer) by kip_paard_koe123

Dreams 3d Sculpting (DS4 or Move) by evret

Dreams 3D Sculpting

The TARDIS Collection by jaffakree

Doctor Who TARDIS Collection

Blank Space by HalfUp

“Hoverboard II” platformer by patricao73

Super CUBIXX! 3: Firemind [1P] by erik08032000

Silhouettes [SONY edition] by Sharfik1995

Acceleration City 2 by dakrrs

Street Slide by viinssouille

Griddlers by mirjanneke

Echoes by TheNotorious-187

Space Storm Shooter 3: The Universe Distortion (One Player) by zombiek6000

Space Storm Shooter 3


PARADOX – past, present, future by scarybiscuit

Floaty Feels by HalfUp

Floaty Feels

Game Factory by SackboyFriend

Hoverboard In The City (platformer) by m89091520

Climbing Sewer by TheWaterGunner

The Lost Astronauts (1-3 player co-op) by segaman58


Popit Cursor by Pan_Ziemniak

Zras – The city of lights [Platformer] by TheBobZombie

The Wild Swamp by TheWaterGunner

3 2 1 JUMP! … or die [1 P] by Vincenton34

NINJA CAT Reboot/English Subtitles by SAMURAI-09

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