Team Picks Recap for March/April

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Team picks galore! Yes, that’s right. It’s time for us to look over all the different levels that received a pretty pink ribbon through the months of March and April. Thanks to the following channels for having recordings up of certain Team Picks (which I have embedded alongside links for them below): LittleBigPlanet Show, leftstickrightstick, SakuraLBPBehonkiss, and OddBallGames.

With that said, here is the latest recap for Team Picks, and you can expect the latest recap for Wendigo Wednesdays to arrive shortly. They are admittedly the last recaps I plan to have posted via the Sackinima Blog, as I’ll be wrapping up my time posting here by the end of next month.


Toasted City by DrSlaughter22

Last of Swoop ~ Platformer by xxAlexInLbpxx

Last of Swoop ~ Platformer

Painting Day ( MINIGAME ) by Darkabbestia

Painting Day ( MINIGAME )

LBFMusic Showcase : Episode 12 by LBFMusic

LBFMusic Showcase - Episode 12

Whooomp Toggle! by yu-kamone

Whooomp Toggle!

Supercar Adrenaline Challenge by Creative-Genius-

COSMIC GATE (Rebirth) by Pirmaut

Electric Current IRAIRA Stick <Hard> 炎のチャレンジャー電流イライラ棒 (1 Player) by simora2873

Electric Current IRAIRA Stick Hard 炎のチャレンジャー電流イライラ棒 (1 Player)

Skyable[platformer] by QTR8684


The Ruins of Earth (Platformer) by ImDaH4tman

Table Pinball [1p] by FabFio71

Table Pinball [1p]


Stadium Racing Turbo (2-4p) by Shaggy40000

Stadium Racing Turbo (2-4p)

TILT WORX by MicGorbachev

UnderTheSea ~ Platformer by xxAlexInLbpxx

OVERBLOCKED by estban600000

Stacker by Khodex

Quick change (Platformer) by mpggsmpggs

Funhouse by missyhifi

Sackboy In: The Forgotten by danx87

Sackboy In - The Forgotten

Bouncy Rush (1 – 4 Player) by o-tera

Bouncy Rush (1 - 4 Player)

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