Thanks for Having Me!

That will do it then for me! It’s been great to have been able to contribute to the Sackinima Blog over the past year or so, but alas, my part on this area of the site has come to an end. I mean, never say never I suppose, but.. eh. 😛

I’ve had my fun here and got to screw around with the blogging abilities over time, so it’s likely this will be it here on my end. Thanks for having me through each news post, recap, and LBP Community Rewind feature that I’ve shared.

I’d also like to share some added appreciation to ARD, CuriousSack, LittleBigSnooth, and BLAHBLAH1000 for their help with my blogging or with Rewind in particular (and in ARD’s case, for setting up the site blog to begin with of course). For further discussion of the blog here, feel free to drop by this thread on the forums.

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