Sackinima Best in Show: Episodes 14 & 15

SBIS returns once more! This month, the blog encapsulates two editions, Episode 14 and Episode 15.

SBIS14 released last month and included levels from June. While the episode released normally, there was a delay in posting this blog and, after a certain point, I felt it would be better to include it here. This doesn’t imply the levels aren’t worth your time though. We are very happy with the levels we selected and hope you enjoy checking them out.

Episode 14 also marked the debut of our new level hub in LittleBigPlanet 3, expertly and graciously designed by Toastrz or TPC_0518 as he is known in the game. I think it’s a wonderful and long overdue refurbishment from our original design, so be sure to give that a look as well.

You can find the full Episode thread here.

Then there is this month’s release, SBIS15. We’ve selected 5 fantastic levels from those posted to the forums in July and have featured them here.

We also have a bit of a staff change to announce, with Pan_Ziemniak taking a break from playing levels and Toastrz taking over beginning next month. Yes, that is the same Toastrz.

The full announcement and thread full of goodies can be found in this link.

Any levels posted to the forums in August will be considered for SBIS16, so feel free to show off your creations and we’ll take a look. Stay tuned for the results next month.

I’m Mateos by the way. With Dragonvarsity retired from the Sackinima blog, I’ll be taking over for the SBIS posts. So, hi I guess.


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