Dreams community wishlist for PSX

With Media Molecule announcing their attendance to PSX this year, I decided to ask the community what they want to be shown during the conference. PSX is only a month away now, so it is important to voice what we want to see and hopefully this will be taken on board with time to spare!

Pretty much everyone is excited to see how logic works in Dreams. We’ve had a little sneak peak from Mark Healey last month, but other than that we have no idea!

@Sean_Vertigo mentions everything he needs to bring cinematography into Dreams and this wish seems to be shared by a few others in the community.

Of course gameplay also gets a mention, which I think is important as one of the criticisms of Dreams is that is looks like a creation tool rather than a game. It is definitely worth showing off some new gameplay for the players, rather than just catering for the creators.

I spoke about the Players and the Creators, but @scarybiscuitlbp is making sure I don’t forget about the Sharers too!

Looks like there is plenty the community are hoping to see at PSX so far. Do you think there is anything missing from this wishlist? Want to add your voice to any of the above points to add more weight to them? Head on over to the Forums and let us know what you want to see!


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