Top 5 Characters made in Dreams

Media Molecule have shared plenty of images of Dreams over the past couple of years. We’ve got a folder full of screenshots and GIFs showing all sorts of creations. From bipedal pancakes to mysterious shadow monsters, we’ve got them all!

Here are our Top 5 characters made in Dreams so far!

5. Stretch Dad








Kicking off the list is everyone’s favourite long-limbed father! (Daddy long legs?) Stretch Dad is sophistication personified, at least he is before he stands up and wobbles around like your great-aunt Jane after a few too many glasses of Pinot Noir. He’s one of the very first characters we met in Dreams and will always keep a little spot in our hearts.

4. Steve Bear Guns

Named after the insanely good LBP level creator and now Mm employee, SteveBigGuns, this top-heavy fluff monster was first shown wandering around a luscious forest, giving us a taste of the diverse scenery and objects you can make in Dreams. I’ve actually met Mr Big Guns in real life a few times now and I can confirm; his guns are massive. His grizzly counterpart has definitely skipped leg day, but I don’t want to be the one to tell him!

3. The Mummy

Judging by this picture, whoever was mummified seems to be a mix between Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and that meme of the little girl in the yellow jacket running away from something. The holy trinity. We just love this design. You can tell The Mummy is such a dramatic and over-exaggerated character, which is a great sign for anyone looking to make immersive characters when Dreams comes out. You can do a lot with them!


He’s a cool dude. He doesn’t let his poor eyesight get him down. He’s even an Olympic competitor. He is a diversity ambassador. HE IS RIPE!

Also, his face makes me laugh.

1. Old Dude

Old Dude! We have no idea who he is or what he does, but we are pretty sure he is a really powerful wizard professor. There is a pretty clear influence of Master Roshi from Dragonball Z, but then what are the other features mixed in?? Who knows, but I’m getting real Gandalf/Yoda kind of vibes from this guy… he looks weedy… he even has a weed growing out of his head… but I’m not messing with him.

I bet he ends up just being a farmer or something. 😉

The Real Number 1. Mr Key


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