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We see a lot of the same questions being asked over and over again on Twitter. We thought it might be useful to provide the answers all in one place to save you a bit of time! Some answers contain a bit of speculation, but we will make sure to mention when this is the case.

Q. What is Dreams?
A. Dreams is Media Molecule’s next generation of the Play, Create, Share genre. If you don’t know what I mean by this, just take a look at LittleBigPlanet. You can PLAY the story mode and other people’s creations. You can CREATE your own levels or objects, music, characters, films, art, etc. You can SHARE your creations with other users of the game. However, unlike LittleBigPlanet, you can easily create and play in a 3D environment.

Q. Which consoles will it be on?
A. Dreams is a PS4 exclusive.

Q. Do you need a PlayStation Camera and Move controllers?
A. No! In fact, many of the employees at Media Molecule prefer to play and create using the normal Dualshock 4 controller, but Move is an option if you want to experience Dreams fully. It would be especially useful for sculpting and drawing amongst other things in create mode. If you are planning on mostly playing other people’s creations then it probably won’t be necessary.

NOTE: You will need the PlayStation Camera for PS4 and not the PlayStation Eye camera for the PS3 as the Eye camera is not compatible. However, the original PlayStation Move controllers will still work fine as they are the same.

Q. Does Dreams have VR support?
A. Virtual Reality support will not be available at launch, although by many accounts it looks fantastic in VR already. VR support will be fully developed after initial release. The official quote is “just after”, so hopefully it won’t be long after release!

Q. When is Dreams release date?
A. Dreams is planned to release in 2018. There is no official date as of yet, but most people that are following the game expect it to come out either late in Q3 or possibly in Q4. (September – November)

Q. When is the Dreams beta?
A. The Dreams beta does not have an official release date. We speculate that it will be Q1 2018. (January – March)

Q. Are there any videos of Dreams gameplay?
A. Yes, Media Molecule regularly live streamed Dreams in 2016. The archive can be found on their YouTube channel, but be warned, it is mostly create mode, so if that isn’t your thing you will have to dig in a bit to find the ones of them playing in their creations! https://www.youtube.com/user/MediaMolecule/videos

Q. Will there be more livestreams?
A. Yes, Media Molecule are planning on starting their livestreams again. Hopefully soon!

Q. Is Dreams only in 3D or can I still make 2D games?
A. Media Molecule have confirmed that 2D is still an option.

Q. Is Dreams multiplayer?
A. Yes, there is multiplayer for both playing and creating in Dreams.

Q. Where can I find like-minded people I can talk about Dreams with?
A. We have a section for Dreams over on our forums. Go check it out and sign up if you haven’t already! http://www.sackinima.com/forums

Q. Sackinima Forums are just the worst. Is there anywhere else I can go?
A. Oh. Ok… in that case, yes! There are plenty of other fansites that cover Dreams-related content. I’ve prepared a list of our favourites here. Head on over and share the love!

Advanced Questions

So those are the basics out of the way! Since I posted this article some people are asking questions that more “hardcore fans” might want answered, so I thought it would be a good idea to include these as well!

Q. How much space is there to create?
A. The Dreams engine does not impose geometric space limits. In fact, it only creates space directly around objects, so even if you place things really far apart, there isn’t technically any “space” between them. As far as we know so far, the space does not have any limits, but this may be clarified further in the near future.

Q. Does the sculpting in Dreams operate using typical polygon modelling?
A. Dreams uses something called “splats” which work more on the memory of how something was made and the volume rather than the amount of polygons the object has. This allows the memory to be compressed much further.

Are there any frequently asked questions I have missed off the list? Do you have anything else to add/ask? Do you think I got something wrong? Tweet me @Sackinima and we can sort it out!

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  1. i came across the info that multiplayer will be implemented in the game post launch. it was well hidden in the chat of the psx community demo.

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