Sackinima Best in Show: Episode 13

A bargain bucket sized episode of Sackinima’s Best in Show this month, though there’s nothing discount about the quality of these levels! You can find all the information about these levels, including the SBIS team’s thoughts on them, in this here forum thread: And since this is my first Continue reading Sackinima Best in Show: Episode 13

LittleBigPlanet 3 Announced

Of course, everyone who visits this website found out about LBP3 at 2AM this morning like the rest of us. Everyone screamed and Twitter exploded. This is a joyous day. Sure, everyone already knows, but what kind of self respecting LittleBigPlanet blog wouldn’t mention LBP3? Here’s the trailer we saw Continue reading LittleBigPlanet 3 Announced

Abe’s Oddysee DLC this week!

Update: Confirmed! Official announcement in today’s PS Blog post. While nothing seems to have been announced yet, it appears that an Abe costume for LBP may be released this week on the PlayStation Store, as a tweet from @PlayStationEU seems to have been posted with the wrong image: New on Continue reading Abe’s Oddysee DLC this week!

Sackinima logo stickers for LBP Vita

Sackinima Forums member xxMATEOSxx has created some awesome stickers in LittleBigPlanet Vita that will let you represent the site in your own levels! He’s also giving away the object he used to create the stickers if you want to use a different background or just drop it in your level as it is. You can pick up the stickers and the object from this level: and read more about the level in this forum thread. Happy stickering!